How We Work

At Winterberry we make health care work for you. This means easy access to the right health care provider at a time and place that works for you.

Same Day and Advanced Scheduling

Get an appointment the same-day or choose an appointment for a future date. Whatever is convenient for you, we want to offer. That’s why we have evening and weekend appointments and virtual appointment options.

Virtual Consultations

Be seen without leaving your home or office by choosing a virtual appointment. You’ll skip the drive, easily log into a video call and receive the same personal and secure health care as you would in the office. Book your virtual appointment through your online Patient Portal.

Nurse Practitioners (NP)

Your care is overseen by Physicians but you’ll often see a Nurse Practitioner who is highly trained and skilled. For more information about NPs, visit our FAQs.

Physician Assistants (PA)

A PA may be part of your health care professionals. They have advanced university degrees and can help diagnose, investigate, treat and prescribe under the guidance of a Physician.

Registered Nurses (RN)

RNs interact with patients more than doctors and care for the whole person, including their physical, intellectual and social needs.

Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)

RPNs study intensively for 2.5 years at accredited Colleges in both classroom and clinical settings and are an important part of the Winterberry team.

Medical Directives

These tools provide you with safe, effective care via Non-Physician Healthcare Professionals. This approach results in more timely delivery of health care that optimizes our health­care resources and personnel.

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